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International Listing of
Breeder Prefixes and Initials

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AB-A. Bracht-Milan, Michigan, USA (now breeding as AMM-Andrea's Mystical Mischief)
ABC-Abracadab'Rats-Bretagne, France
ABR-Albino Blue Rattery-Clearwater, Florida, USA (no longer breeding)
ABRY-Aunty B's Rattery-Hillsboro/Portland, Oregon, USA
ACRO-Acrobat Rattery-Redford, Michigan, USA
(no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Acrorats-Gloucester, UK
(No Initials)-Adelphe-UK
ADIA-Adia's Rats
ADR-Adalgia Rats-W. Bloomfield, Michigan, USA
AER-Angels on Earth Rattery-Lyons, Illinois, USA (no longer breeding)
AG-Amphigorey Rattery-Winter Park/Astatula, Florida, USA (no longer breeding)
AGR-Athena's Garden Rattery and Rescue-Mesa, Arizona, USA
AHR-Amber's Hairless Rats and other critters-Brooksville, Florida, USA (no longer breeding)
AINE- Aine Rattery-Canton, Ohio, USA
(No Intials)-Rattery Akasha-Netherlands
ALBR-ACME Lap B'rats Rattery-Alabama, USA
(No Initials)-Alchemy Stud-Essex, UK
(No Initials)-The Rats of Alpha Centauri-Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, UK
ALP-Ape's Little Paws-Lakeland, Florida, USA
ALR-Amber Light Rattery-Tacoma, Washington, USA
AM-A & M Rattery-Savannah, Georgia, USA (now breeding as Px-Phoenix Gate Rattery)
(No Initials)-Amalthea and Friends Rattery-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Amicus-East Devon, UK
(No Initials)-Amirante Stud-York, UK
A.MR-A.M Rattery-Martinez, California, USA
AMM-Andrea's Mystical Mischief-Milan, Michigan, USA (has also used AB)
AMOR-Amour Petite Rattery-Livermore, California, USA (formerly KIT-Kitty's Rattery)
AMR-Absolute Mischief Rattery-Delaware, Ohio, USA
AMR-Amethyst Mountain Rats-Reseda, California, USA (now breeding as ZanR-Zania Rattery)
(No Initials)-Amy's Fuzzies-Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Angel Rattery-Dumfriesshire, Scotland, UK
ALR2-Another Love Rattery
-Atlamonte Springs, Florida, USA (formally UAAR-Un Autre Amour Rattery)
ANR-Andover Rattery-Andover, Massachusetts, USA
(No Initials)-Ansbrook-Essex, UK
AOK-Alpha & Omega Kennel-Jacksonville, Florida, USA (pet and feeder)
AP-Angel Paws-Elk Grove, California, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Aphrodite-Glasgow, Scotland, UK
(No Initials)-AppleBlossom Rattery-Merchantville, New Jersey, USA
(No Initials)-April's Rattery-Atwood, Ontario, Canada
APTB-Apt.Barf Rattery-Great Falls, Montana, USA
AR-AristocRATS-NSW, Australia (formerly Balla-Rats 'R' Us, also formerly BRR-BallaRATS)
AR-AristoRats-Aurora, Illinois, USA
ARAR-Alice's Rattery and Rescue-Parkland, Washington, USA
ARAZ-Aristorats Rattery-San Tan Valley, Arizona, USA
ARC-Arrac's Rattery-Iggesund, Sweden
ARG-A.R.G. Rattery-Orange Park, Florida, USA
(no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Aristo's Rattery-Eindhoven, Netherlands (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Ark Rats-Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA
ARB-The Firefly Rattery-
Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA
ARM-Allys Rats & Mice-Campbelltown, NSW, Australia
ARN- Aimee's Rats Rattery- Bellview
Florida, USA
ARR-Alley Rats Rattery-Columbia, South Carolina, USA
ARS-Alles Ratten Spiel- Webster, New York, USA
(No Initials)-Arrencrest Rats-Reading, Berkshire, UK
(No Initials)-Artworks Rats-Windsor, Berkshire, UK
(No Initials)-Asbru Rattery-South Lincolnshire, UK
ARUA-Aruarian Rattery-Winfield, BC, Canada
ATR-Alabama Tiger Rattery-Auburn, Alabama, USA
AvR-Avalon Rattery-Meridian, Idaho, USA (aka AR, no longer breeding)
AWGR-Ancient Wisdom Garden and Rattery, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
AWR-Ashwood Rattery-Irvine,
California, USA
AZMR-Azure Moon Rattery-Dallas, Texas, USA
AZR-A to Z Rattery-Ohio, USA
AZUR-Azure Ridge Rattery-Elmira, Michigan, USA


(No Initials)-Balenki Rattery-Sydney, NSW, Australia
BA-Bratlets Anonymous-Kingston, Ontario, Canada (no longer breeding)
BAD-Bad Rattitude Rattery-Detroit, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
BAMR-Bec and Matt's Rats-
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
(No Initials)-Bandy Creek-Claremore, Oklahoma, USA
(No Initials)-Bao Varakhii Rattery-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (formerly BVR-Blue Velvet Rattery)
(No Initials)-Bay Breeze Fancy Rats-San Diego, California, USA
BB-Brooklyn's Best-Brooklyn, New York, USA (aka BBR)
BBE-Bay Breeze Exotics-San Diego, California, USA
BBR-BabyBlues Rattery-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
bcbc-Rodent Rancher-Santa Maria, California, USA
BCR-Barruil Caraid Rattery-Kirkland, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
BDAG-Blue Dagger Rattery-Smyrna, Georgia, USA
BdB-Brood de Brux Rattery-Portland, Oregon, USA (no longer breeding)
BED-BedRat Rattery-Spanaway, Washington, USA
BELL-Bellaluna Rattery-Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
BER-Bud's Exotic Ranch-New York, USA
BF-Black Forest Rats-Reading, Berkshire, UK (no longer breeding)
BFF-Bonnie's Friendly Furries (Bonnie Walters)-San Luis Obispo, California, USA
BGR-Blue Grass Rats-Lexington, Kentucky, USA (no longer breeding)
BH-Birch Hill-Massachusetts, USA (aka BHR)
(no longer breeding)
BHR-TSD Breeders-Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
BHR-Blue Heaven Rattery- Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, USA
(No Initials)-The Big Cheese Rat Ranch-Poway, California, USA
Bii-Bii Rattery-Fresno, California, USA
BIR-BlueIris Rattery-Bremerton, Washington, USA
BK-Bella Karm Ratties-Bloomington, Indiana, USA (aka BKR)
(No Initials)-Black Magic Rattery-Cheshire, northwest England, UK
(No Initials)-Black Rose Rats-Chester, UK
(No Initials)-Blackstaff Rats-south London, England, UK
(No Initials)-Blackwater Rattery-Waverly, Virginia, USA
BLER-Blazing Elm Rattery-Park Forest, Illinois, USA
(No Initials)-Bloomingfield Rattery-Petaluma, California, USA
(No Initials)-Blondie's Rasta Rodentry-southern Wisconsin, USA
BLR-Bleu Royale Rattery-Sacramento, California, USA (formerly bred as Leslie's Babies Rats)
BLSP-BlueSpirit Rattery-Anderson, California, USA
(No Initials)-Blue Diamond Rattery-Wilmington, Delaware, USA
BLUE-Blue Rattery-Athens, Georgia, USA (no longer breeding)
BLMR- Blue Moon Rattery-
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(No Initials)-Blue Moon Rats/Blue Moon Dumbos-UK
(No Initials)-Blue Moon Rattery-Olympia, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Blue Moon Rattery-South Carolina, USA
(No Initials)-Bluenose Rattery-Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada
(No Initials)-Blue Print Rattery-Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
(No Initials)-Blue Rat Rattery-Elk Grove, California, USA (no longer breeding)
BMR-BMR-Blue Moon Rats & Mice-Azusa, California, USA (no longer breeding)
BN-Bellaratta's Nest-Fern Park, Florida, USA
(No Initials)-Boon Rattery-Narre Warren, VIC, Australia
BOM-Bits of Maine Rattery-
Sebago, Maine, USA
BOR-Bumpy Oak Rattery-Bryans Rd., Maryland, USA
BOZ-Bozzy Rats Rattery-Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia
BP-BRat Pack Rattery-Fontana, California, USA
BPAK-Brat Pack Rattery-Dover, New Hampshire, USA (no longer breeding)
BPAR-Best Pets Are Rittens-Akron, Ohio, USA
BR-Blue Ridge Rattery-Nine Mile Falls, Washington, USA
BR-Back Room Rattery-Minnesota, USA (no longer breeding)
BR-Bowkerats-Glendale, California, USA
BRAC-BRAC Rattery-Columbia, Missouri, USA (aka Bedlam Rats and Cats, no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Brambles Rats of Southport-Southport, in the northwest UK
(No Initials)-Brambley Rats-Perth/Kinross, UK
(No Initials)-Branwen Rodentry-Peoria, Arizona, USA
BRAT-Brats House of Fur-Clinton Township, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
BRAT-Bratties Rule All Together Rattery, Canton, New York, USA
(No Initials)-bRatpack Rattery-Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (also operates RatmanDU Rattery)
(No Initials)-Brats Tails Rattery-Victoria, Australia
(No Initials)-Brattie Ratties Rattery-Billings, Montana, USA (now breeding as Montana Moon Rattery)
(No Initials)-Bratty Ratty Rattery-Saskatchewan, Canada
(No Initials)-Brat Rattery-Hesperia, California, USA
BRCR-BananaRat Rattery-Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
(No Initials)-Brecklagh-Hertfordshire, UK
BRNR-Blue Rose Rattery and Rescue-Renton, Washington, USA
BRR-BallaRATS-Ballarat, VIC, Australia (formerly Balla-Rats 'R' Us, now breeding as AristocRATS in NSW)
BRR- Bello Ratto Rattery, Napa, California, USA
BRR-Black Rose Rattery and Rescue-Flint, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
BRSC-Blackwater Rattery-Sussex County, Virginia, USA
BRTN-Baloo's Rattery-Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
(No Initials)-The Bruce Rattery-VIC, Australia
BRUX-Brux Rattery-Corvallis, Oregon, USA (no longer breeding)
BRWF-Bear Wolf Rattery-Fort Lewis/Tacoma, Washington, USA (has also used BW, formerly in Fort Hood/Killeen, TX)
BSKI-Blue Skies Rattery-Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, USA
BSR-Blue Shuze Rattery-Orange County, California, USA
BSR-Blue Snow Rattery-Corona, California, USA
BSRR-Blue Steel Rats Rattery-Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA
BSS-Blue Stone Rattery-
Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA
BSTR-Blue Streak Rattery-Santa Clara, California, USA (no longer breeding)
BSVR–Blackstone Valley Rattery-Uxbridge, Massachusetts
BUGG-Ladybuggs Menagerie-Akron, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-Buppies Rattery-Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA (now breeding as Greenshire Rattery)
(No Initals)-Burmaprize Rattery-Hertfordshre, UK
BVR-Bao Varakhii Rattery, Blue Velvet Rattery-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
BW-Birnam Woods-Wilmington, Delaware, USA
BWF-Birchwood Farms-Bridgeview, Illinois, USA (pet and feeder)
BWR-Black Wolf Rattery-Redlands, California, USA
BZC-Blaze Craze Rattery-Cary, Illinois, USA

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C9R-Cloud Nine Rattery-Fullerton, California, USA
CAF-Critters & Friends-Lafayette, California, USA (formerly known as TS-Tina Shahroody)
Cama-Camarattery-Denver, Colorado, USA
CAN-CandiRats-Sacramento, California, USA
(No Initials)-Candy Cane Christian Therapeutic Ranch-Waterford, Ohio, USA
CAR-Carawatha Rodents-Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
CAR-Cheesy Acres Rattery-Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA (now breeding as UCVR-Under Cover Rats)
CAR-Crazy About Rodents-El Cajon, California, USA
(No Initials)-Cariad Rats-Swansea, South Wales, UK
(No Initials)-Carreg Rats-Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
CAT-Cats Rotter-Aalborg, Denmark
(No Initials)-Cats' Menagerie-Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (no longer breeding)
CATS-Cat's Rats-Carson City, Nevada, USA (no longer breeding)
CAVE-The Critter Cave-
Pullman, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-The Cayos Rattery-Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia (no longer breeding)
CBBR-Barefoot Babies Ratery-Avon Lake, Ohio, USA
CBR-Carolina Blue Rattery-High Point, North Carolina, USA
CC-The Critter Connection-Michigan, USA
CCC-Christine's Cuddly Critters-Tracy, California, USA (no longer breeding)
CCCR-Crespo's Crazy Critters-Hubbardston,
Massachesetts, USA
CCR-Cathi's Critters Rattery-East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (no longer breeding)
CCR-Courtice Creek Rattery- Courtice, Ontario, Canada
CCR1-Critter Crew Rats-Gilman, Iowa, USA (aka CCR, no longer breeding)
CCRR-Cute And Cuddly Ratties Rattery-Newberg, Oregon, USA (pet and feeder, now breeding as MMRR-Mystic Moons Rodentry and Rescue)
CCRR-Capital City Rescue-Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
CCRS-Canyon Creek Rattery-Sandy, Utah, USA
CD-C & D Rattery & Rescue-near Kingston, New York, USA
CDR-Crittersden Rattery (also known as MC-Mary Crittendon, no longer breeding)
CE-Chase Entourage-Southern Ontario, Canada (aka RMC, RC, RM-R & M Chase, no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Celebratties-Birmingham, UK
CELT-Mystyx CeltiCritters/CeltiCritters Rattery-Worthington, Ohio, USA (formerly known as CCR, now breeding as PIRR-Pirattery)
(No Initials)-Celtic Dreams Rattery-Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK
(No Initials)-C & E Ratterys-Denhan Springs, Louisiana, USA (now breeding as LLPR-Little Loveables Pet Rats)
CER-Charity Ellison Rats
CFC-CarolinaFlyingCircus Rattery-Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
CFL-Critters From Litters-Binghamton, New York, USA
CH or Ch-Cannot be used as a prefix-stands for "Champion"
(No Initials)-Chantilly Rats-West Midlands, UK
(No Initials)-Cheryl's Rats-Reno, Nevada, USA (no longer breeding)
CHIC-Chickidoo Rattery-Portland, Oregon, USA
CHR-Crazzy H Rattery-Concord, Georgia, USA (aka Crazzy H Rodentry, no longer breeding)
CHRM-Southern Charm Rattery-Gladewater, Texas, USA
(No Initials)-Chrises House of Rodents-Richland, Missouri, USA (pet and feeder)
(No Initials)-Christi-Critters Rattery-Toledo, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-Cindy's Rattery-San Diego, California, USA (now breeding as FUZZ-Fuzzy Misfits Rattery)
CJ-Crown Jewel Pocket Pets-Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA (no longer breeding)
CJR-Crystal Jack Rattery-USA
CKRR-Celtic Knot Rattery and Rescue-Puyallup, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Classy Rats-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
CLCR-Cali Critters-Chatsworth, California, USA
CLR-Christina's Little Rodentry-Saginaw, Texas, USA
CMHR-Chrissy M. Harrison's Rats-USA
CML-Camelot Rattery-Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (no longer breeding)
CMMR-Colorado Mountain Meadow's Rattery-Aurora, Colorado, USA (aka Colorado Rattery)
CMR-Celtic Myst Rattery-Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA (later bred as CnF-Cinnamon Falls Rattery, Coastal Rattery, now breeding as HSTR-Historic Rattery)
CMR-Cold Mountain Ratties-Milton, New Hampshire, USA
CMRR-Chunky Monkey Rats-Keller, Texas, USA
CnF-Cinnamon Falls Rattery-Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA (previously CMR-Celtic Myst Rattery, Coastal Rattery, now breeding as HSTR-Historic Rattery)
CNR-Canon Rattery-Hiram, Georgia, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Coastal Rattery-South Carolina, USA
(No Initials)-Rattery Con Azzurro-Holland
(No Initials)-CongRATs Rattery-VIC, Australia
(No Initials)-Cosmic Rattery-Orlando, Florida, USA
(No Initials)-Costa Mesa Rats-Costa Mesa, California, USA (previously The Rodent Ranch)
COVE-Cove Rattery-Saginaw, Michigan, USA
CPA-Cutie Pie Acres-Guatay/San Diego,
California, USA
CR-Charisma Star Rats-Tamarac, Florida, USA (no longer breeding)
CR1-Catalyst Rattery-Southwestern Arizona, USA (aka CR, previously of Santa Clarita Valley, CA,
previously of Las Vegas, NV)
(No Initials)-The Crafty Rat Rattery-San Jose, California, USA
(No Initials)-Crazy Rat Rattery-Riverside, California, USA (now breeding as UCR-UnCattery Rattery)
CRB-Cute Rat Babies-Kirkland, Washington, USA
CRH-Cameron's RatHouse Rattery-Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
CRM-Cheeky Rats & Mice-Penrith, NSW, Australia
CROW-Critters of the West Rattery-Richardson, Texas, USA
CRR-Chirie's Rotterede-Randers, Denmark
CRR-Casa Rata Rattery-Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
CRR1-CinnaRat Rattery-Wills Point, Texas, USA (formerly ETRZ-East Texas Ratz, no longer breeding)
CRYS-Crystal Cage Rattery-Tampa area of Florida,USA (formerly known as CCR)
CSB-CSBeck Rodentry-Allentown,
Pennsylvania, USA
CSR-Cosmic Squeak Rattery-Chorley, Lancashire, UK
CSR-J & J's Cozmic Starz Ratz-Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (no longer breeding)
CsR-Creekside Rattery-Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
CT-Cup of Tea Rattery-Orange County, California, USA
CTP-Cantrip Rattery-Dallas, Texas, USA (no longer breeding)
CTR-Charming Tails Rattery-Frederick, Colorado, USA
CU-Curiosity Rattery-Belington, West Virginia, USA
(No Initials)-Cuddly Critters-Houston, Texas, USA
CuR-Cucumber Rattery-Davis, California, USA (no longer breeding)
CuRR-Curly Rats-Madison, Pennsylvania, USA (no longer breeding)
CUTY-Cuddle Tyme Rattery-Lakeside, California, USA (formerly RRC-Romeo's Rat Crew, no longer breeding)
CVF-Colony at Valley Forge-Virginia, USA (aka VF)
CVR-Central Valley Rattery-Bakersfield,
California, USA
CWR-Curly Whiskers Rattery-Boise, Idaho, USA
CWR2-Heather Jaycox-Boise, Idaho, USA
CWRD-Cheesy Wishes & Rattie Dreams-Ferndale, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)

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D61-Dimension 6011 Rattery-Olympia, Washington, USA (formerly known as Dh4-Dimension h4 Rattery, no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rattery Dagmar-Belgium (no longer breeding)
DAK-Dakota Winds Rattery-Clear Lake, South Dakota, USA
(No Initials)-Dark Horse Mice & Rats-Peapack, New Jersey, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Dark Side of the Moon Rattery-Boyne City, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Darkstar-Suffolk, England, UK
(No Initials)-Darling Rodents-Bangor, Maine, USA (now breeding as DRR-Darling Road Rodentry)
(No Initials)-DaVinci's Rattery-Vancouver, Washington, USA
DAZL-Dazzle Me Rattery-Chicago, Illinois, USA
DC-Daisy Chain Rattery (aka Rat Race)-Pullman, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Dark Side Rattery-Milton, Ontario, Canada (no longer breeding)
DBB-Dell's Beaux and Belles-Richmond, Virginia, USA (no longer breeding)
DBR-Darcia Bliss Rattery-Greenbrae, California, USA (no longer breeding)
DCR-Deer Creek Rattery-Lansing, Michigan, USA
DDP-Day Dreamer's Paradise Rattery-Bremerton, Washington, USA
DDR-Darlin' Dumbos Rattery-Buffalo, New York, USA
DDSR-Diamond State Rattery-Wilmington, Delaware, USA (no longer breeding)
DF-DragonFuzz Rodentry-Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (aka DFR, no longer breeding)
DF2-Dragonfarm 2-Hermiston, Oregon, USA
Dh4-Dimension h4 Rattery-Olympia, Washington, USA (also bred as D61, no longer breeding)
DIFF-Be Different Rattery-Manhattan, New York, USA
DIGI-Digi's Rattery-Fresno, California, USA
DINK- Shinkelydinks Sunrise Rats-Colorado Springs,
Colorado, USA (Formerly SUN-Sunrise Rattery)
DK-Dan Krull-Kentucky, USA
DLR-LL Rattery-Corning, NewYork, USA
(No Initials)-DL's Rattley Crew-Brea, California, USA
DM-Donamays Rattery
Dmtn-Dream Mtn Rattery-Lebanon, Oregon, USA
DNB-Duxes 'N' Bruxes Rattery-Brisbane, Australia
DNSR-Dun A Sky Rattery-Bear/Newark, Delaware, USA
DNTE-Dante bRats-
Northern Virginia, USA (Now breeding as HumR-Hummingbird Ridge Rattery)
(No Initials)-Dogwood Rattery-Indiana County, Pennsylvania, USA
(No Initials)-Double D's-San Diego, California, USA (pet and feeder)
(No Initials)-A Dozen Rats-Texas, USA
DP-Dancing Pines
DPR-Dolce Pyes Rattery-Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA (no longer breeding)
DR-Dragonfly Rattery-Adrian, Michigan, USA
DRAC-Draconis Rats and Chinchillas-Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
(No Initials)-Dragon's Down Rattery-Adrian, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Dr. Dolittle's-Camdenton, Missouri, USA (pet and feeder, no longer breeding)
DRGN-Dragons Breath Rattery-Summerville, South Carolina, USA
DRDK-Domestic Rats Rattery- Nykøbing sj, Denmark
DRM-Dream Big Rattery-Vancouver, BC, Canada
DRP-Dancing Rodents Parade-Palm Springs, California, USA (now breeding as VRMN-Viking Rat and Mouse Nest)
DRR-Darling Road Rattery-Hudson, Maine, USA (previously bred as Darling Rodents, Darling Road Rodentry, formerly in Bangor, Maine)
DRSA-Dirusa Rattery-Quincy, California, USA (formerly of Bellingham, Washington)
DS-Dark Shadow Rattery- Monfortte le Lemos, Spain
DSR-Desert Sands Rattery-Green Fountain, Utah, USA
DT-The Dumbo Tree Rattery-Downers Grove, Illinois, USA (formerly RunningMouse Rattery, 
no longer breeding)
DTC-La Tau Citron-Paris, France
DUE-Whispering Pines Rattery-Bend, Oregon, USA
DUN-The Rat Dungeon-Jacksonville, Florida, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Brenda Dunn-Glasgow, Scotland, UK
DWRS-Dark Water Rodents-Montreal, Quebec, Canada (no longer breeding)
DWR-Deep Weeds Rattery-Kingston, Washington, USA


EAGL-EaglesEye Rattery-Albany, Oregon, USA (formerly known as Eagles)
EBV-East Bay Vivarium-Berkeley, California, USA
ECR-Enchanting Companions Rattery-Shreveport, Louisiana, USA (aka EC)
(no longer breeding)
EDGE-On the Edge Rattery-Derry, New Hampshire, USA
EFK-Edanias Furkins-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
EH-Emerald Hill-Lakeside, California, USA (has also used EHR)
EIR-Enchanted Isle Rattery-Aliso Viejo, California, USA (no longer breeding)
EKO-Echo Rattery-East Lansing, Michigan, USA
ELEM-Elemental Rattery-Wyoming, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Elk Grove Rattery-Sacramento County, California, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Elysian Fields Rattery-Reading, UK
(No Initials)-Raterie Elysium-Belgium
(No Initials)-Empire Rattery-Pullman, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
EMR-Excalibur Rats and Mice-Reseda, California, USA
(No Initials)-English Times Rattery-Annapolis, Maryland, USA
(No Initials)-Enotik-Rats-Moskow, Russia
(No Initials)-Epiphany Stud-Essex, UK
EPR-Ember of Passion Rattery-Collegeville, 
Pennsylvania, USA
ER-Rattery Eriador-Westendorp, the Netherlands
ERH-Eladia’s Rat House
ERS-Emily's Rat Shack-Texas Panhandle, USA
ESQ-Esquire-Big Bear, California, USA (no longer breeding)
ETR-Elk Trails Rattery-Spokane, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
ETRZ-East Texas Ratz-Wills Point, Texas, USA (now breeding as CRR-CinnaRat Rattery)
EVR-Evergreen Rattery-
Nanaimo, BC, Canada (formerly of Springfield, Ohio, USA)
EVWD-The Everwild Rattery-Fairport, New York, USA
(No Initials)-Excalibur Rodents-QLD, Australia (no longer breeding)
EY-Eyore Rattery-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
EZK-Exotic Zoo Keeper Rodentry-Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, USA


(No Initials)-Fallenstar Rattery-Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK (aka Fallen Star Rattery)
(No Initials)-Fancy Dumbo Rattery-Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
(No Initials), Oregon, USA
(No Initials)-Fancy Rats n Gerbils Mid Canada-Manitoba, Canada
(No Initials)-Fantasia's Rattery-Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA
(No Initials)-Fantasy Island Rattery-Birmingham, UK (no longer breeding)
FAT-FattyRat Rattery-San Diego, California, USA
(No Initials)-Fattus Rattus Rattery-QLD, Australia
(No Initials)-Fauna Rats-Birmingham, UK
FBC-Furrball Critters-Santa Cruz, California, USA
FCR-Falls City Rattery-Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA (no longer breeding)
FD-The Flying Duster Rattery-New Zealand
FF-Fitzgerald's Fancys Stud-Long Beach, California, USA
FFCR-Fun Family Rattery-Lakeside, California, USA
FFR-Fat n Fancy Rattery aka Fat & Fancy Rattery-USA
FFR-Furry Friends Rodentry-Birmingham area, Alabama, USA (no longer breeding)
FH-Frathouse Rattery-Midway City, California, USA
FHR-Farmhouse Rats-
Branchville, NJ USA
Finksgang Rattery-New Zealand
FIR-Flat Iron Rattery- Boulder,
Colorado, USA
FIRE-Fire and Ice Rattery-Dallas/Fortworth, Texas, USA (pet and feeder)
FLRR-Forever Loved Rats Ratttery-Grandview, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Flaxholme-UK
FLY-Ratterfly Rattery-San Deigo, California, USA

FMOA-Cowboys With Tails Rat And Mousery-Austin, Texas, USA
FMR-Furry Mongrels Rattery-Eliot, Maine, USA
FNR-Flutter Nutters Rattery-Bellingham, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Raterie la folie des rats-Arlon, Luxembourg Province, Belgium (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Foo's Fancy Rats-Galliano, Louisiana, USA
(No Initials)-Anne Foster-Essex, UK
FP-Fur People-Joshua Tree, California, USA
FPR-Furry Paws Rattery-Sugar Land, Texas, USA
FR-Faerie Ring Rats-Chicago area, Illinois, USA
(No Initials)-Falcon Ridge Rattery-Canada
(No Initials)-Frank & Chucks Rat Farm
(No Initials)-Friendly Fuzzies Rattery-Lakewood, California, USA
FRP-Frosty Paws Rattery-Petaluma, California, USA
FRR-Four Rats Rattery
FS-Four Seasons Mousery-Lombard, Illinois, USA
FSR-Fuzzy Sweet Hearts Rattery-Flint, Michigan, USA
FSRR-Falling Star Rattery-Germantown, Maryland, USA (also uses FSR2)
FSTR-FarStar Rattery-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Furry Friends-Oregon, USA
FT-Fairy Tale Rattery-Hesperia, California, USA (no longer breeding)
FTRS-Fairy Tales Rattery of Seattle-Seattle, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
FUR-Forever Unleashed Rattery-Vacaville, Pennsylvania, USA
FURR-Fuzzy's Friends Rattery-Redmond, Washington, USA
FURR-Fuzz subURban Rats-Kirkwood, Washington, USA
FUZZ-Fuzzy Misfits Rattery-San Diego, California, USA (formerly Cindy's Rattery)
(No Initials)-Fuzzbutts Rodents-Brisbane, QLD, Australia
(No Initials)-Fuzzie Mothers-Norwood, Colorado, USA
FVR-Finnvarra Rattery-Blacksburg, Virginia, USA


GAL-Galactic Rats Rattery-Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
(No Initials)-Donna Galins-Brea, California, USA
(No Initials)-Gallant Rattery-Middletown, New York, USA
(No Initials)-Garden Flower Rattery-Lomita, California, USA
GASR-Georgia Streetrats Rattery-Snellville, Georiga, USA
GBR-Gulf Breeze Rattery-Lawton, Oklahoma, USA
GCRR-GoCrow Royal Rattery-Linn Creek, Missouri, USA
(no longer breeding)
GD-Green Dream-Etten-Leur, Netherlands
GG-Guardians Gathering Rodentry-Grafton, NSW, Australia
GGR-Gem's Gal Rattery-Albany, Oregon, USA
GH-Geri Hauser-Riverside, California, USA
(No Initials)-Gizmo Rats-Perth, Scotland
(No Initials)-Rattery Gizmo-Antwerp, Belgium
GLR-Great Lakes Rattery-St Paul, Minnesota, USA (no longer breeding)
GMKM-Good Mousekeeping Mousery-North Plainfield, New Jersey, USA (no longer breeding)
GMR-Green Mountain Rattery-Johnson, Vermont, USA
Gnx-Genex Rodents-Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
GOTH-Gothic Fuzz Rattery
GPR-Gene Pool Rattery-Bushkill, Pennsylvania, USA
GPR-Great Pets Rattery-Middletown, New York, USA
GR-GinKaruja Rattery-Miami, Florida, USA
(No Initials)-Greenmann-Southampton, UK
(No Initials)-Greenshire Rattery-Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA (previously known as Buppies Rattery)
GRIM-Grim’s Rattery-Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
GRR-Garic's Rats Rattery-Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA (no longer breeding)
GRR-Grand River Rattery-Middlefield, Ohio, USA
GSR-Gottaspoilem Rattery-north central Florida, USA
(no longer breeding)
GT-GrimmTales Rattery-Santa Cruz, California, USA
GTWR-Gateway Rattery

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(No Initials)-Hakuna Matata Rattery-Somerset, UK
(No Initials)-Halcyon Stud-Suffolk, UK
HAR-Heritage Acres Rodentry-Spring Valley, Wisconsin, USA
HART-Helping Angels Rattery and Therapy-Bloomington, Illinois, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Harvest Moon Rattery-Savage, Minnesota, USA (formerly Mabuku Rattery)
(No Initials)-Havcum Rattery-NSW, Australia
(No Initials)-Hawkmoon Rattery-Southern Australia
(No Initials)-Hawthorn Rats-Glasgow, West Central Scotland, UK
HB-Ratterie Honeyblade-Paris, France
HBR-The Harbor Rattery-Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
HBR-HB Rattery-Williamston, Michigian, USA
(No Initials)-Headstrong Stud-Midlands, UK (formerly known as Rattified Stud)
(No Initials)-Heartlights-Ventura, California, USA
(No Initials)-Heaven Sent Ratteries-Robinson, Illinois, USA (pet and feeder)
(No Initials)-Hellstorm Rattery-Norfolk, UK
(No Initials)-Rattery Henra-Doetinchem, Netherlands
HEM-Hemlock Stud-Spanaway, Washinton, USA
HERO-Little Hero's Rattery-Mission Viejo, California, USA
HFLR-Haskell's Furry Little Rascals-Haskell, New Jersey, USA
HGLR-Happy Go Lucky Rattery-Whittier, California, USA
HGR-Homegrown Rodents-Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada
HH-Heavenly Hamsters and Fancy Rats-Palmdale, California, USA (no longer breeding)
HHR-Hagen House Rattery-South Auckland, New Zealand
(No Initials)-Hilary's Hooligans-Valencia, California, USA
HLR-Highland Rattery-(location given as Watertown, New York, USA, however, this rattery is fictitious)
(No Initials)-Hilltop Rattery and Mousery-Syracuse, New York, USA (no longer breeding)
HMS-Her Majesty's Shiprats-Lake County, Illinois, USA (no longer breeding)
HNR-Hobbit Nook Rodentry-near Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
HoT-Heart of Texas Rattery- Austin, Texas, USA
(No Initials)-Holywood-UK
(No Initials)-Hosanna-UK
(No Initials)-House Bruinstine/The Rat Keep-Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Rattery Horlepiep-Holland
HR-Hollywood Rattery-North Hollywood, California, USA (formerly PTR-Phoenix Tears Rattery, no longer breeding)
H.R-Hope's Rattery-
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
HRH-Hand Raised Hamsters-Burnsville, Minnesota, USA (no longer breeding)
HRR-Heavenly Rat Rattery-Arroyo Grande, California, USA
HSH-Home Squeak Home-Chicago area, Illinois, USA (no longer breeding)
HSR-Haley Swept Rattery-New York, USA
HSTR-Historic Rattery-Charleston, South Carolina, USA (previously CMR-Celtic Myst Rattery, CnF-Cinnamon Falls Rattery, Coastal Rattery)
HTR-Happy Tails Rattery-Austin, Texas, USA (formerly located in CA, no longer breeding)
HTT-Heather's Terrific Treasures
(No Initials)-Clare Hyland-Essex, UK
HumR-Hummingbird Ridge Rattery-Manassas, Virginia, USA (formally DNTE-Dante bRats-Northern Virginia, USA)
HVRR-Huron Valley Rat Rescue-Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA


IA-Insane Animals
IER-Irish Eyes Rattery-Seattle, Washington, USA
Inca-Inca Rats-Northwest UK
(No Initials)-The Incredible Ratfarm-Waco, Texas, USA
(No Initials)-The Rats of Indiansummer-Berlin, Germany
(No Initials)-Integrity Stud-Midlands, UK
IPR-Ivy Patch Rats-Spencer, West Virginia, USA (no longer breeding)


JATS-Jats Rats-Seattle, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-J and J Rattery-Red Banks, Mississippi, USA
JCH-Jayda's Critter House-Imlay City, Michigan, USA
JDR-Jo's Rattery-Walkersville, Maryland, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rattery Jeszibell-Netherlands
JH-Jeff Hounsome-British Columbia, Canada
(No Initials)-Jilly's Rattery-Kennesaw, Georgia, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Jinkie's Rats-Damascus, Maryland, USA
JM-Jenni's Mischief-Brunswick, Ohio, USA
JMS-Remarkable Rodents-San Bernardino, California, USA
JnJ-JnJ Rodentry-Moulton, Alabama, USA (no longer breeding)
JOJR-Jump Off Joe Rattery-Valley, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Jolly Roger Rattery-Long Beach, California, USA
(No Initials)-Jones' Rattery-British Columbia, Canada (no longer breeding)
JoR-Jorats Rattery-Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (no longer breeding)
JPP-Pierce's Pogs and Pocket Pets - North Attleboro,
Massachesetts, USA
JR-Just Rats-DeKalb, Illinois, USA
JRR-Jade Realm Rats-Columbus, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-JR's Mouseum and Rattery-Norridge, Illinois, USA
(No Initials)-JR's Rodents-Terra Cotta, Ontario, Canada


(No Initials)-Karls Critters-Robinson, Illinois, USA
(No Initials)-Karma Rats-Edinburgh, UK
KATS-Katrina's Ratties-Mountain View, California, and Reno, Nevada, USA (no longer breeding)
KBR-Keith and Beth's Rattery (no longer breeding)
KC-Kemmere's Critters-Ohio, USA
KCJ-KCJay Ratpack Rattery-W. Bloomfield, Michigan, USA
KCR-Kissable Critters Rattery-Tampa, Florida, USA
KDR-KeelzDragonz Rattery-Toledo, Ohio, USA
(no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Kelly's Critterz-upstate New York, USA
KF-Kissy Face Rattery-Pennsylvania, USA (now breeding as PA-Precious Angels)
KFF-KFF Rattery- Madison Heights, Michigan, USA
KGR-Kagee Rattery-West Sacramento, California, USA
KH-Kestrel Hill Rodentry-Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Kismet Rattery-near Parramatta in Sydney, NSW, Australia (formerly known as Magic Star)
(No Initials)-Rattery Kissimmee-Cuijk, Netherlands
(No Initials)-Kittrik Rattery-Michigan, USA
KILA - Ki'la's Rattery -
Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA
KIT-Kitty's Rattery-Livermore, California, USA (now breeding as AMOR-Amour Petite Rattery)
KK-KamikazeKids-Springfield, Missouri, USA (no longer breeding)
KK-Karen's Kritters-Winnetka, California, USA
KK4U-KuddlyKorner4u-California, USA
KKR-Korn Kid's Rattery-Longmont, Colorado, USA
KKRL-Krieg's Kinder Rattery of Laramie-Laramie, Wyoming
KNR-KosmoNutz Rattery-Oak Harbor/Whidbey Island, Washington, USA
KO-Karen O'Connorgg
KPR-KaPeR Rattery-Puyallup, Washington, USA
KR-Kabrin Rattery-Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Kropotkin-London, England, UK
KRR-King Rat's Rodentry-Covington, Kentucky, USA (no longer breeding)
KRR-Kandal Ratties Rattery-Burton, Michigan, USA (pet and feeder)
KRS-KRS Rattery-Portland, Oregon, USA
KS-Kate Snyder-Atlanta, Georgia, USA
KSCP-Kaleidoscope Rattery-Gainesville/Plano, Texas, USA
KTR-Knights Tail Rattery-Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA (formerly of Jacksonville, Florida, now breeding as PDR-Pleiadian Dreams Rodentry)
KTZ-Khat's Rats-Portland, Oregon, USA (no longer breeding)
KVKZ-Kritterz Kove-Springfield, Missouri, USA (also uses KZKV, formerly of Florida, no longer breeding)
KWB-Katie Wilson-Bates-Peoria, Arizona, USA
KWR-Kalm Whiskers Rattery-Bend, 
Oregon, USA
KYR-Kyrak Rats-New Cumberland, West Virginia, USA
KZR-KaiZen Rattery- Cary, North Carolina, USA

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L7-Lucky7Seven Rattery-Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
LA-Rattery les Anges-Leiden, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands
LAC-Lac Rats aka Lacc Rats-Rothbury, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Lacock Rattery & Mousery-QLD, Australia
(No Initials)-Laika Rattery-Ashington, in Northumberland, UK
(No Initials)-Lake Effect Rattery
(No Initials)-Lanie's Rattery-Tyne & Wear, UK
LAN-Lantana Fancy Rats-Texas, USA
LAR-Los Angeles Rattery-Los Angeles, California, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Last Call Rattery-Kingston, Ontario, Canada
(No Initials)-Lauren's Little Rats-Pittsfield, Massachesetts, USA
(No Initials)-Lavender Rats-Grays Essex, UK
(No Initials)-Lazy R Rattery-Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
LCR-Led's ColoRATo-Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
LCR-Little Cottonwood Rattery-Sandy, Utah, USA
LCS-Little Crumb Snatchers
LDMR-Life Dreams Rattery- Akron, Ohio, USA
LDR-Little Dickens Rattery-Portland, Oregon, USA (no longer breeding)
LDR-LovinDaRats Rondentry-Yucca Valley, California, USA
LERA-Legacy of Rattitude Idaho, Legacy Rattery of Idaho-Boise, Idaho, USA (previously LVM-Loving Memories Rattery,
now breeding as RMIS-Mischief of Remis)
(No Initials)-Leslie's Babies Rats-Sacramento, California, USA (now breeding as BLR-Bleu Royale Rattery)
LFR-Little Footprints Rattery-Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
LGP-Little Gems Pets-Wenonah, New Jersey, USA
LGR-Looky Girls Rattery-Palatine, Illinois, USA
LH-Lavender Haven Rattery and Rescue-St. Louisville, Ohio, USA
LHR-Legacy Rodentry and Rescue-Jacksonville, Florida, USA (aka Legacy Rattery)
(No Initials)-Lil' Champs Rattery-Macon, Georgia, USA
Lil-Lil Critters Rattery-Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
LIFE-Liemates Rattery-Cleveland, Ohio, USA
LIME-Lime Rind Rattery-Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (now breeding as LIT-Lime Tree Rattery)
LINC-Lincoln Rattery-Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

LIT-Lime Tree Rattery-Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (formerly LIME-Lime Rind Rattery)
(No Initials)-Rattery Litli-Zoetermeer, Netherlands (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Little Devils Rattery-Garden Grove, California, USA
(No Initials)-Little Nibblers-Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-Little Rascals Rattery-Western Australia
(No Initials)-Little Runtz-Cleveland, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-L & J Rattery-Omaha, Nebraska, USA
LL-Lizzie's Lovelies-California, USA
LLBR-Lil Ladybug Rattery-Pocasset, Oklahoma, USA
LLPR-Little Loveables Pet Rats-Denhan Springs, Louisiana, USA (previously C & E Ratterys, no longer breeding)
LLR-Little Loves Rattery-Cleveland, Ohio, USA
LM-Lil' Munchkins-Oceanside, California, USA
LM1-Laurie Miner (also uses LM)
(No Initials)-LMG Rattery-Prague, Czech Republic
LMR-Landmark Rattery-Northeast Kansas, USA
LN-Little Noses-New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, USA (no longer breeding)
LNR-Little Nibbler Rodentry-
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
LnF-Love n Fun-Vancouver, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
LOL-Lots of Love Rattery-Castle Rock, Colorado, USA
LORE-Lore Rattery-USA
LORR-Legends of Rock Rattery-Augusta, Georgia, USA
LOVE-Loving Arms Rattery-Burlington, Washington, USA
LOVE-Loving Rats Rattery-Ilion, New York, USA
LPCB-LeopardCub Rattery-South Carolina, USA
LPR-Little Peeps Rattery-Edinboro, Pennsylvania, USA
LR-Lil Ratscals Rattery-Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
LRR-Li'l Rugrats Rattery-Davis, California, USA
LRT-Raterie Les Rat'oureux-Joliette, Québec, Canada
LS-Little Squeaks Rattery-Massillon, Ohio, USA (formerly located in Solon, Ohio, no longer breeding)
LSR-Little Squeakers Rattery-St. Paul, Minnisota, USA
LSR-Lone Star Rats-Austin, Texas, USA (now breeding as LSRC-Lone Star Rats of Central Texas)
LSRC-Lone Star Rats of Central Texas-Georgetown, Texas, USA (previously LSR, no longer breeding)
LSRN-LoneStar Rats of North Texas-Garland, Texas, USA (aka LSNT, no longer breeding)
LTR-Love Them Rodents-Yakima, Washington, USA
LUNA-The De La Luna Rattery and Rescue-Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA (has also used DLLR)
LUX-LUX Rotter-Aalgord, Denmark
(No Initials)-Lunula Rattery-Boston, Massachusetts, USA (no longer breeding)
LVM-Loving Memories Rattery-Boise, Idaho, USA (now breeding as RMIS-Mishief of Remis, was LERA-Legacy Rattery of Idaho)
LVM-Les Voleurs de Miettes-
Montpellier, France
LVNS-Lavon's Rattery-Ft. White, Florida, USA
LVR-Little Villains Rattery-Columbus, Ohio, USA
LWR-Little Whiskers Rattery-Columbus, Ohio, USA


(No Initials)-Mabuku Rattery-Savage, Minnesota, USA (now breeding as Harvest Moon Rattery)
(No Initials)-Mac's Rats-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
MAC-MAC Rattery-Baltimore, Maryland, USA
MAD-Mad Ratter Rat Ranch-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (pet and feeder, formerly NN-Nooki's Nest Rattery & Rescue, no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-The Mad Ratter-Snohomish, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Magic Charm Rattery-Sydney, Australia (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Magic Rat Roundabout-Sunderland, England, UK
(No Initials)-MagicStar Rattery-Sydney, NSW, Australia (now breeding as Kismet Rattery)
MAN-Manitou Mischief-Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Mana Rattery-Falkirk, Scotland, UK
MANX-Manx N' More Rattery-Hamburg, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Maplewood Rattery-Long Island, New York, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Marek's Rat Pack-Lakewood, California, USA
(No Initials)-Maritime Rattery-Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
MAR-Marwin Ratties-Kansas City, Missouri, USA (formerly known as MR, no longer breeding)
MARS-Rats Drom Mars Rattery-Chico,
California, USA
(No Initials)-Mazmorrats Rattery-New York City, New York, USA
MB-Kajun Kritterz Rattery-Lafayette, Louisiana, USA (aka Morgan Broussard)
MB-Melodee Moon
MC-Mary Crittenden (also uses CDR-Crittersden Rattery, no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Fiona McBean-Glasgow, Scotland, UK
(No Initials)-McKinTex Rattery-McKinney, Texas, USA
MCR-Mon Cherie Rattery-Ontario, Canada
MCR1-Merry Critters Rattery
MD-Mystic Dreams
MDWR-DarkWolf Rattery-Lorain, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-MeeRatz Rattery-Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK
MEGS-Meg's Magical Rats-Allendale, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Meralee Rattery-St. David, Arizona, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Merlin Rats-Stockport, UK
MES-M.E.S. Rats-Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA (no longer breeding)
MHM-Mile High Mice-Twin Peaks, California, USA
MHR-Mead Hall Rattery-Ashland, Northern Wisconsin, USA
MHRR-Muridae Haven Rescue-Saginaw, Michigan, USA (see also COVE-Cove Rattery)
(No Initials)-Mischief Makers Rattery-Sydney, NSW, Australia
(No Initials)-Misfit Rodentry-Virginia/DC area, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Milo Stud-Bristol, England, UK
(No Initials)-Minutia-USA
(No Initials)-Mirage Stud-UK
MIST-Misty Mountain Rodentuary-Buckley, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
MJM-M.J.M. Caviary and Rabbitry Inc.-Broomfield, Colorado, USA (pet and feeder)
MJSR-Majick Springs Rattery-Scottsbluff, Nebraska, USA (formerly MMtR-Mystic Mountain Rodentry, no longer breeding)
ML-Mischief Lovers-Janesville, Wisconsin, USA
MLR-Mount Lehman Rattery-Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
MLWR-Moonlit Waters Rattery-Champagne, Illinois, USA
MM-Manhattan Mousery-new York City, New York, USA
MMR-Making Mischief Rattery-Northern Virginia/DC area, USA
MMRC-Mystical Myst Rattery-Jasper Alabama, USA (formerly in Cheyenne, Wyoming)
MMRR-Mystic Moons Rodentry and Rescue-Newberg, Oregon, USA (formerly CCRR-Cute And Cuddly Ratties Rattery)
MMtR-Mystic Mountain Rodentry-Scottsbluff, Nebraska, USA (now breeding as MJSR-Majick Springs Rattery)
MN-Mixed Nuts-Franklin, New Hampshire, USA (aka MNR, no longer breeding)
MNM-Mischief N' Mayhem Rattery-Cincinatti, Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
MNR-Mystic_Nights_Rattery-Lawrenceville, GA, USA (no longer breeding)
MNRM-Mighty Nice Rats and Mice-Lake Forest, California, USA
(No Initials)-Mojo Rats Rattery
MOM-Mooshika's Minions-Spokane, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Montana Moon Rattery (formerly known as Brattie Ratties Rattery)
MOON-Wolf Moon Rattery and Rescue-Woodhaven, Michigan, USA (now breeding as SUNS-Shining Suns Rattery)
(No Initials)-Rattery Moonlight-Netherlands
(No Initials)-Moonstones Rattery-South Africa
(No Initials)-The Mouse House Rattery-Cedar Park, Texas, USA
MR-Maschkas Rattery-Greeley, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
MRAS-Mike's Rattery and other small animals-Milford, New Hampshire, USA
MRC-Minnesota Rat Connection-Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (no longer breeding)
MRM-Midnight Rat Masquerade-DeKalb, Illinois, USA
MRR-Mighty River Rattery-Northwestern Illinois, USA
MS-Moonstar Fancy Rats-Greenville, South Carolina, USA (aka Moonstone Fancy Rats)
MSH-Moonstone Haven-San Fransico, California, USA (formerly Onix Rattery)
MSR-Moonsong Rattery-Snohomish, Washington, USA (now breeding as PAR-Peaceful Acres)
MSR1-Moonstone Rodentry
MUFF-Sweet Muffins Rattery-Seattle, Washington, USA
MUS-Mus Rodentry-Rising Sun, Maryland, USA
MW-MW Rattery-Tampa, Florida, USA
(no longer breeding)
MWR-Merri Whiskers Rattery-Hudson, New Hampshire, USA
MY-Myomorpha-Westmont, Illinois, USA (now breeding as 6H-Sixth Happiness)
(No Initials)-Mystic Nights Rattery-Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
(no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Mystic Rattery-Rochester, New York, USA
MZ-Mz Behaving Rattery-Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
MZR-MaryZ's Rattery-Hilton, New York, USA (no longer breeding)

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NA-Naarah's Ark-Pennsylvania, USA
NAJ-Naji's Mice-Jacksonville, Florida, USA
(No Initials)-Navel-Czech Republic
(No Initials)-Nealon's Rats and Mice-Cumberland, Maryland, USA
(No Initials)-Nebraska Rattery-Omaha area, Nebraska (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Nephratari's Rats-Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
(No Initials)-New World Rats, Ed and Deb-Somerset, UK
NEO-Neo Rattery
NFR-Nitros Fancy Rats-Surrey, England, UK
NFR-Night Flight Rattery-Rome, Georgia, USA (no longer breeding)
NHR-Nearheart Rattery-Beaumont, Texas, USA
NHRT-New Horizons Rattery-Mendota, Illinois, USA (previously bred as Royal Rats Rattery)
(No Initials)-Nibbleton Rattery-Pavillion, Wyoming, USA
(No Initials)-Nifty Critters-Mountain Home, Idaho, USA (pet and feeder)
(No Initials)-NightSky Rattery-Orange County and Riverside, California, USA
NLR-Northern Lights Rattery-Fairbanks, Alaska, USA (no longer breeding)
NLRW-Northern Lights Rattery-Olympia, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
NMR-Nezumi Mountain Rats-Phoenix, Arizona, USA (no longer breeding)
NN-Nooki's Nest Rattery & Rescue-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (now breeding as MAD-Mad Ratter Rat Ranch)
NNOS-Nezumi no Samurai-Fort Worth, Texas, USA
NNRP-NicNacRatPac Rattery-Anaheim, California, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-NobleFur Rattery-Western Washington, USA
NPR-No Plague Here Rattery
NT-Norma Talbot-Hesperia, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
NTRR-North Texas Rat Ranch-north near Bowie, Texas, USA
(No Initials)-Nuttery Rodents-Brisbane, QLD, Australia
NWSSR-Northwest Silver Star Rodentry-Arlington, Washington, USA (aka Northwest Silver Star Rattery, no longer breeding)
NXPR-NixPack Rats-Aurora, Illinois, USA (no longer breeding)


OAR-Olson Angels Rattery-Montgomery, Illinois, USA (no longer breeding)
OBR-Ocean's Breeze Rattery-Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (no longer breeding)
ODD-Odyssey Design Rattery-Marysville, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Odessa Rodents-Queensland, Australia
OERR-Odd-Eye Rats Rattery-Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
OFR-Odd Fellows Rattery-Tacoma, Washington, USA
OHM-Omega Rattery-Tooele, Utah, USA
(No Initials)-Oh Rats!-Lake Elsinore, California, USA
OKCR-OKC Rattery-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
(No Initials)-Okie Dokie Rattie Ranch-Midlands, UK
OMR-Over the Moon Rattery-Spencer, Ohio, USA
OP-Opaline-Idaho, USA
OR-Oak Rarities-Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA
OR-Oh Rats-Thens and Atlanta (Marietta), Florida, USA
(No Initials)-Orion's Haven-Midlands, UK
ORR-Oh Rats! Rattery NW-Eugene, Oregon, USA (now breeding as Romping Ratties Rattery)
ORRJ-Orbis Rattus Rattery and Rescue-Winston Salem, North Carolina
OSED-OSED Rattery-Worchester, Massachusetts, USA (no longer breeding)
OSR-One Stop Rodentry & Exotics-Maryland, USA
(No Initials)-Rattery Ot-Rotterdam, Netherlands
OTR-Once Upon A Time Rattery-Carmel, Indiana, USA (no longer breeding)


P2R-Purple Rose Rattery-Hillsdale, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
PA-Precious Angels-Pennsylvania, USA (aka PS-Pat Sutcliffe, KF-Kissy Face)
PABR-Peek a boo Rattery-Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Panya Stud-UK
PAR-Peaceful Acres Rattery-Snohomish, Washington, USA (formerly MSR-Moonsong Rattery, no longer breeding)
PAR-Phoenix Ashes Rattery and Rescue-
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (formerly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
(No Initials)-Parduin Rattery-Coeburn, Virginia, USA
PARR-PocketAngels Rattie Rescue-Bedford, Texas, USA
PB-Pegan Bliss Rattery-Leicester, England, UK
PBR-Phi Beta Rattery-Azusa, California, USA
PCKG-Package Ratz Rattery-Riverside, California, USA
PcPR-Popcorn Peepers-East Canton, Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
PCR-Purple Cloud Rodentry-Eugene, Oregon, USA (no longer breeding)
PD-Purely Dumbos Rattery-Glenpool, Oklahoma, USA
(no longer breeding)
PDM-Polka Dot Mousery-Boston,
Massachusetts, USA
PDR-Pleiadian Dreams Rodentry-Corpus Christi, Texas, USA (formerly in New England Area, USA, formerly KTR-Knights Tail Rattery, no longer breeding)
PDRR-Ponderosa Rattery-Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

(No Initials)-Pegasus Stud-Essex, England, UK
(No Initials)-Pelznase-Germany
(No Initials)-The Pendragon Rattery-Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK
(No Initials)-Les Petites Souris-San Leandro, California, USA
(No Initials)-PetsBratRattery & Critter Rescue-Comstock Park, Michigan, USA
PEAS-Three Peas Rattery-
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 
PF-Paula Fletcher-Titusville, Florida, USA (no longer breeding)
PFR-Prairie Fire Rattery-
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
PGR-Preternatural Rats-Crestview, Florida, USA (not breeding at this time)
(No Initials)-Rattery Phaeda-Holland
PH-Paper Heart Rattery-Blairstown, New Jersey, USA
(No Initials)-Phoenix Rats-Stockholm, Sweden
(No Initials)-Picture Perfect Rattery-Binghamton, New York, USA
(No Initials)-Rattery Pintor-Belgium
PIRR-Pirattery-Worthington, Ohio, USA (formerly bred as CELT-Mystyx CeltiCritters/CeltiCritters Rattery)
PITR-Pitter Patter Rattery-Chicago, Illinois, USA
PK-PK Rattery-Titusville, Florida, USA
(no longer breeding)
PLAY-Playboy Rattery
PLR-Peaceful Little Rattery-Cleveland, Ohio, USA
PLSR-Precious Little Sweeties Rattery-Denver, Colorado, USA
PLTR-Playtime Rattery-Turlock, California, USA
PLUR-PLUR Rattery-Coeburn, Virginia, USA (no longer breeding)
PM-Pure Mischief-Fremont, California, USA
PMG-PMG Rattery-Plano, Texas, USA
PN-Pet Nouveau
PN-Polar Nights
PNS-Phat-N-Sassy Rattery-Martinez, California, USA
PNTO-PintoRats-Sedro Woolley, Washington, USA
PNZY-Panzy's Place Rattery-Everett, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Rattery Pors-Helmond, Netherlands
(No Initials)-PotkanMarvel-Prague, Czech Republic
(No Initials)-PocketAngels Rattie Rescue-Bedford, Texas, USA
POR-Prairie Oaks Rattery-Spring Green, Wisconsin, USA
PPM-Pocket Pets Mousery-Sydney, Australia (no longer breeding)
PPR-Peaches Pack Rats Rattery-Aliso Viejo, California, USA
PPR-Pied Piper Rattery-Pullman, Washington, USA
PPRP-Pitter Patter Ratter Paws- New 
Philadelphia, Ohio, USA
PR-Patches Rattery-Georgetown, Ohio, USA
PRA-Paradise Rats-Collinsville, Illinois, USA
PRH-Pagans' Rat House-Clarkston, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Jere Price-Oley, Pennsylvania, USA
PRR-PackRats Rattery-Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
PS-Pat Sutcliffe-Pennsylvania, USA (now breeding as PA-Precious Angels)
PstR-Prospect Street Rattery-Tacoma, Washington, USA (also SAG Gerbils, no longer breeding)
PT-Precious Things Mousery-Austin, Texas, USA
PTR-Phoenix Tears Rattery-North Hollywood, California, USA (now breeding as HR-Hollywood Rattery)
PVR-Pymatuning Valley Rattery-Pierpont, Ohio, USA
PWR-Praiswater Rattery-Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
PWRR-Pixie's World Rattery of Illinois-Normal, Illinois, USA (also uses PWRI)
Px-Phoenix Gate Rattery-Norcross, Georgia, USA (formerly AM-A & M Rattery)
PX4-Paintx4 Rats-California City, California, USA (no longer breeding)

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QCR-Quixotic Colony and Rattery-Santa Barbara, California, USA
QEEN-Queen City Rattery-Lawndale, North Carolina, USA
(No Initials)-QT Critters-Umatilla, Oregon, USA
QUIG-Quigly Fidget Rattery-Southern NSW, Australia (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Queen City Rattery-Lawndale, North Carolina, USA


R2R-Rat-rat Rattery-Port Huron, Michigan, USA
R3-Ratastic Rats Rattery-Mansfield, Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
R4-Rat Roadhouse-Pinellas Park, Florida, USA
(No Initials)-Raatz-Lewisville, Texas, USA
RABZ-Rambunctious Bratz Rodentry and Rescue-central Florida, USA
(No Initials)-Rainbow Meadows-Riverside, California, USA (no longer breeding)
RAL-Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue-Rutland, Vermont, USA
(No Initials)-Ralston Rats-
Piasley, Renfreshire, Scotland, UK
RaM-RunaMok-St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
(no longer breeding)
RAMR-Rattie & Mattie's Rattery-Bullhead City, Arizona, USA
RAPT-Rats Are People Too-Toronto, Canada
RaR-Raisin' Rats Rattery-Muskegon, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
RAR-Runabout Ratties Rattery-Barrie, Ontario, Canada
(No Initials)-Ratamania-UK
(No Initials)-Rat-A-maTaz-Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
(No Initials)-The Rat.a.Tat-Martinez, California, USA
(No Initials)-Ratbracadabra-Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(No Initials)-The Rat Connection-Brampton, Ontario, Canada (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rattery Ratlala-France
(No Initials)-Rattie Tattie Rescue-Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
RAT-Little Ratties Rattery-Columbus, Ohio, USA
RATC-Rats Around the Clock
(No Initials)-Rattery Ratcity-Huizen, Netherlands
(No Initials)-Rat Haven-San Diego, California, USA
(No Initials)-Ratify Rattery-Denison, Iowa, USA
RATL-RatLandia Rattery-Big Rapids, Michigan, USA
and rescue
(No Initials)-RatmanDU Rattery-Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (also operates bRatPack)
(No Initials)-The Rat Pack Rattery-Copley, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-Rat Pack Rattery-Manassas, Virginia, USA
RatR-The Rat Room-Amsterdam, New York, USA
(No Initials)-The Rat Ranch-New Paltz, New York, USA
(No Initials)-Rats in Paradise-Lohmar, Germany
(No Initials)-The Rat Shack-Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA
(No Initials)-Ratsodee Rattery-Newcastle, NSW, Australia
(No Initials)-ratsRus Rattery-Rochester, New York, USA
(No Initials)-Ratsweb-near Paris, France
RATT-Rattenburg Rattery-State College, Pennsylvania, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rattenfänger-UK
(No Initials)-Ratteria-Swidnica, Poland
(No Initials)-Rattery Ratteneiland-Alkmaar, Netherlands
(No Initials)-Rattery Ratten-ri-Hilversum, Netherlands
(No Initials)-Rattiefied Stud-Midlands, UK (now breeding as Headstrong Stud)
(No Initials)-Rattikins Rattery-Australia
(No Initials)-Rattilia-Hamburg, Germany
(No Initials)-The Rattish Patch-Stanton, California, USA
(No Initials)-The Rat Trap Rattery
(No Initials)-Ratty Haven-Birmingham, UK
(No Initials)-Rattyhaven-UK
(No Initials)-Ratty Rascals Rattery-Midlands, UK
(No Initials)-Ratwolf Rattery-Eagan, Minnesota, USA
(No Initials)-Raven Moon Rodentry-Lake City, Utah, USA (pet and feeder)
(No Initials)-Rattery Raya-Barendrecht, The Netherlands
(No Initials)-Razmataz Rattery-Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma), Washington, USA
RATZ-Ratz Nest-Santa Clarita, California, USA
RAVN-Ravencharm Rattery- Reno, Nevada, USA
RB-Rattie Babies Rattery-Columbus, Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
RBR-RooBear Rattery-Baltimore, Maryland, USA (moved from Ithaca, NY 1/03, no longer breeding)
RC-The Rat Castle-Camarillo, California, USA
RCC-Ross Critter Clan-Rockville, Maryland, USA
RCR-Rattie Cool Rats-Reading, Kansas, USA
RCR-Rat Crazy Rattery (formally of The Little Rattery)-Colona, Illinois, USA
RDPY-Rat Dippity Rattery-Traverse City, Michigan, USA
RDR-Raindance Rats-Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
RDR-Rainy Day Rattery-Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA (no longer breeding)
RE-The Rodent Express-Lakeside, California, USA (pet and feeder)
(No Initials)-Rattery Reba-Holland
(No Initials)-Remmus Rats-Upton, UK
REN-Renaissance Rattery-St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
RES-Resola Rattery-Boulder, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
REx-Rattie Express-Atlanta, Georgia, USA (no longer breeding)
RF-Ratty Friends Rattery-Washington, USA (also known as RFR, no longer breeding)
RFCR-Rat Fancy Rattery-Oceanside, California, USA
RFR-Ratgirl's Fancy Rats-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
RFRT-ShadowFlight Rattery-Tooele, Utah, USA
RG-Rat Genesis-San Franciso Bay area, California, USA
RG-Rat's Gym-Huntington Beach, California, USA (no longer breeding)
RH-RaffinHouse Rattery-Fremont, Ohio, USA
RhR-Raven's Heart Rattery-Riverside, Illinois, USA
RHRC-Rodent Heaven Rattery-Redlands, California, USA (no longer breeding)
RHU-Rat's House in Ukraine-Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
RI-Rattieson Inn-Covina, California, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rich Rats-Columbia, Missouri, USA
RIOT-Run Riot Rattery-Spokane, Washington, USA
RiR–Riah’s Ratties-Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA
(No Initials)-Ritten Mischief-Minot, North Dakota, USA
RIV-Still River Rattery-West Seattle, Washington, USA (pet and feeder)
(No Initials)-Rivendale Rattery-Portland, Oregon, USA
(No Initials)-Rivendell-Kent, England, UK
(No Initials)-Rattery Rivendel-Dronten, Holland
(No Initials)-Rattery Rivka-Hollend
RIZL-Rizzle Rat Rattery-Lakewood, Colorado, USA
RIZR-Rizzo Rats Rattery-Cheektowaga, New York, USA (previously known as RRR)
RJSR-R and J's Sweet Ratties- Ohio, USA
RKB-RockaBye Rattery-Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, USA
RKJ-Rattakiss Jungle Rattery-Edinburgh Scotland, UK
RKRT-Rattykins Rattery-Bonney Lake, Washington, USA
RKT-The Ratkateers-Marshall, Indiana, USA (aka RR, now breeding wholesale only)
RMAX-Rattius Maximus Rattery-Mansfield, Texas, USA (previously known as RM)
RMC-R & M Chase, The Chase Entourage-Southern Ontario, Canada (aka RC, RM, CE, no longer breeding)
RMER-Rasool's Maine Rattery-Brunswick, Maine, USA
RMG-Rocky Mountain Gems Rattery-Yellow Jacket, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
RMIS-Mischief of Remis Rattery-Boise, Idaho, USA (formerly known as LERA-Legacy of Rattitude, LVM-Loving Memories Rattery)
RMPR-Romping Ratties Rattery-Eugene, Oregon, USA (formerly known as ORR-Oh Rats! Rattery NW, no longer breeding)
RMR-Rodentia Madre Rattery-Near Seattle, Washington, USA
RMRR-Ratta Muffin Rattery & Reskue-Burlington County, New Jersey, USA (no longer breeding, but still in rescue as Ratta Muffin Rat Reskue)
RN-Rat Nook-Corona, California, USA (no longer breeding)
RNB-Rose'N'Bloom Rattery-Kingston, Ontario, Canada
RNKR-Rink Rats-USA
RnR-Rat 'n' Rave-Fennville, Michigan, USA
RnRR-Rock-n-Rats-Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA
RNT-Rumble N' Tumble Rattery-Sumner, Washington, USA
ROC-Rocket Rodents-Western Sydney, NSW, Australia
ROCK-Paradise Rockstar Rattery-Jacksonville, Florida, USA
(No Initials)-RockaBye Rattery-Philadelphia suburds, Pennslyvania, USA
(No Initials)-Rock-A-Bye Ratties-Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia
(No Initials)-Rodentia Hawaii-Kailua, Hawaii, USA
(No Initials)-The Rodent Ranch-Costa Mesa, California, USA (now breeding as Costa Mesa Rats)
(No Initials)-Rodent Recital-Dekalb, Illinois, USA
(No Initials)-Rogers Street Rattery-Mason, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rogue's Rattery-Pinconning, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
ROK-Rats of Keona-Spotsylvania,
Virginia, USA
(No Initials)-Rolly-Polly Rattery-Wollongong, NSW, Australia
ROMP-Romper Room Rattery-Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
(No Initials)-Ronnie's Rodents-Mountain View, Wyoming, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Ross Rat Ranch-San Diego, California, USA
ROUS-Rodents of Unusual Sweetness-Seattle, Washington, USA (formerly known as RuR-Lynn Rosskamp and Kerrie Tuck)
(No Initials)-Roving Sweethearts Rattery-VIC, Australia
(No Initials)-Rowangate Stud-Essex, England, UK
(No Initials)-The Royal Rats Rattery-Mendota, Illinois, USA (now breeding as New Horizons Rattery)
ROY-The Royal Rattery-Eustis, Florida, USA (previously known as ROYL, no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Royaloaks-Sydney, NSW, Australia
RP-Rat People-Orlando, Florida, USA
(no longer breeding)
RPR-RatPile Rattery-Columbia, Connecticut, USA
RPR-Jozzy's Rat Pack Rattery/The Ract Pack Rattery-Rowland Heights, California, USA
RQ-Rattus Quebecus-Quebec and Montreal, Canada (has also used RQM)
RR-The Rat Room-Westminster, California, USA
RR-Radical Rats Rtatery-
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (no longer breeding)
RR-Richland Rats-Rochester, New York, USA (aka RRR, no longer breeding)
RR-Ruckers Ratties Rattery-Fort Worth, Texas, USA
RRC-Romeo's Rat Crew-San Diego, California, USA (now breeding as CUTY-Cuddle Tyme Rattery)
RR/La-Rabbit Rescue of Louisiana
RRLM-Ratz Realm-Pasadena, California, USA (previously known as RR)
RRM-Renaissance Rats & Mice-California, USA
RRM-Rainbow Mousery-Upland,
California, USA
RRNM-Raining Rats New Mexico
RRR-Rat Ranch Rattery-Norco, California, USA
RRR-Rattie Room Rattery-Iowa, USA (no longer breeding)
RRR-Ratty Rat Rattery-San Deigo,
California, USA
RRR-Rodere Rattery and Rescue- Ashland, Kentucky, USA
RRRA-Raining Rats Rattery-San Tan Valley. Arizona, USA
RRT-Robyn's Rat Tails
RRU-Rats 'R Us-USA
RSCL-Rattie Rascals-Port Orchard, Washington, USA
RSH-The Ratsmith Rattery-Conestoga,
Pennsylvania, USA
RsR-Rostar Rattery-Mt. Vernon, Indiana, USA (no longer breeding)
RSR-Rainbow Scene Rattery-Laurel Springs, New Jersey, USA
RSTZ-Raterie Rastaz-Joliette, Québec, Canada
RT-Rats of the Round Table-Lombard, Illinois, USA
R-T-Rat-Tastrophe Rattery-San Diego, California, USA
RTBR-Rat in the Belfry Rattery-San Jose, California, USA
RTR-Rat-Topia Rattery-Alden, New York, USA
RTD-Rattitude-California, USA
RTPK-Rat Pack Rattery-
Manheim, PA, USA
RtRM-Robbi the Rat Momma-Tacoma, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Rattery Ruby-Den Haag, Netherlands
(No Initials)-Rudd Rats-Anaheim, California, USA
(No Initials)-Rugrat Rattery-Mississauga, OntaCanada (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rugrats Rattery-Webster, New Hampshire, USA
(No Initials)-Runabout Rattery-Michigan City, Indiana, USA
RuR-Lynn Rosskamp and Kerrie Tuck-Seattle, Washington, USA (now breeding as ROUS-Rodents of Unusual Sweetness)
RvR-RiverRats Rattery-near Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (no longer breeding)
RVRR-River Rose Rattery-Oroville, California, USA (no longer breeding)
RVSD-Riverside Rattery-Trenton, New Jersey, USA (no longer breeding)
RWR-Rockwell Rodentry-Meridian, Mississippi, USA
RWR-Rosewood Rattery-Eagle Mountain, Utah, USA (no longer breeding)
RWWR-Rainbow Whiskers Rattery-Jacksonville, Florida, USA
RZ-Rizz Rats-Waterford, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
R2R-Rat-rat Rattery-Port Huron, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)

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(No Initials)-The Sage and Sand Rattery-Hermiston area, Oregon, USA
Sammys Pet Rats-Beaverton, Oregon, USA
SAND-Sandman Rats-Paris, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Sandstone Rattery-near Stourbridge in the West Midlands, England, UK (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rattery Saona
SAS-Sugar and Spice Exotic Pets-Clarksburg, California, USA (formerly in Boise, Idaho)
SB-Sara Blazer-Athens, Georgia, USA
SBKR-SassBooksRats-Fremont, California, USA
(no longer breeding)
SBR-Spoiled Brats Rattery
SBR-Shades of Blue Rattery-Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
SBRV-Southern Belles Rattery Vero-Vero Beach, Florida, USA
SC-Southern Cross
SCNR-Sweet Cinder Rattery-Madison, Wisconsin, USA
(No Initials)-Schon Ratte Rattery-Virginia, USA
(No Initials)-Charles and Hope Schultz-Charlton, Massachusetts, USA (sometimes uses CH which cannot be used as a prefix)
(No Initials)-ScotRatz-Glasgow, Scotland, UK
SCR-Shady Creek Rattery-Conway, Arkansas, USA
SCRP-Scrapy's Rats-South Jersey, USA
SDR-Sweet Dragon Rats-Sammamish, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
SE-Siamese Etc...-Dallas, Texas, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Seagull Rats-on the Sussex coast just outside of Brighton, UK
(No Initials)-Serendipity-East Yorkshire, UK
SERR-Serendipity Rodentry and Rescue-Newark, Delaware, USA (formerly in Ellabell, Georgia)
SF-Starflite Rabbitry & Rattery-Bozeman, Montana, USA (no longer breeding)
SFR-Silver Fuzz Rattery-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
SFRC-Silver Falls Rattery-Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (previously known as SFR)
SG-Simona Gortlerova-USA
SGR-Sisters Growf? Rattery-Portland, Oregon, USA
SGR-Sweet Genes Rodentry-Naperville, Illinois, USA
SGS-Raterie Stella, les ratous au soleil du grand sud-Montpellier, France
(No Initials)-Shadowcaster Rats-Yorkshire, UK
(No Initials)-Shadows House Rattery-New Jersey, USA
(No Initials)-Shamiah Rattery-St. Augustine, Florida, USA
SHDW-Shadow Brook Rodentry-Milford, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Sherwood Forest-UK
ShMR-Shalimar Rattery-Flint, Michigan, USA
(No Initials)-Shika's Rattie Rescue-Elyria, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-Shiraz Rattery-Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
(No Initials)-Shunamite Rats-Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the North East of England, UK
SHR-Stars Hollow Rattery-
Frederick, Maryland, USA
SHR-SweetHeart Rattery-Mentone, California, USA
SHRC-Sweetheart Rattery Canada-Vancouver, BC, Canada
SICL-Ratsicles Rattery-Columbus, Georgia, USA
(No Initials)-Silver Stone Rattery-Netherlands
SIN-Sinsational Rattery- Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
SIR-Southern Idaho Rattery-Buhl, Idaho, USA
SITH-Sith Rattery-Greater Vancouver Area, BC, Canada
SIXX-ZiggySixx Rattery-Lacey, New Jersey, USA
SKR-Scaredy Kat Rats-West Los Angeles, California, USA
(No Initials)-Skull Hatch Rattery-San Franciso, California, USA
(No Initials)-Skye's Rattery-Glasgow, Scotland, UK
SL-Sheryl Leisure-California, USA
SL-Spooky's Label-Near Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas, Belgium (aka SPL)
SLKY - So Licky Rattery-Kansas City, Kansas, USA
SLR-Stellaluna Rattery-Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA (no longer breeding)
SLT-Sargent's Little Troopers-London, Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
STLR-StrickLeeRats-Huntsville, Alabama, USA
SLVR-Silver Cuddles Rattery-Lakeside, California, USA (previously used SCR, no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Sly Misfits Rattery-Washington, USA
SM-Scarlet Moon Rattery-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Small World Pets-Riverside, California, USA
(No Initials)-Smith Family Rodents-Summersville, West Virginia, USA
SMR-Spirit Mountain Rattery-Vancouver, Canada (no longer breeding)
SMR-Squeak Machine Rattery-(has also used SqM)
SMRM-Sequoias Mountain Rats and Mice-Van Nuys, California, USA
SMTR-Show Me Tails Rattery-Lebanon, Missouri, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Snapdragon's Rats-Copenhagen, Denmark
SNJR-Southern New Jersey Rattery-Wenonah, New Jersey, USA (no longer breeding)
SNP-The Snake Pit-Valdosta, Georgia, USA (pet and feeder)
SNR-SuperNova Rats-Ardsley, New York, USA
SNR-S N R House of Rats-La Plata, Maryland, USA
SNS-SNS Rattery,
Milpitas, California, USARRR
SOL-Soleil Rattery-Aurora, Illinois, USA
(No Initials)-Sonoran Rats-Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
SOTS-Squeekums and Other Such Things-Strathroy, Ontairo (Near London), UK
SoWR-Southern Woods Rattery-Elyria, Ohio, USA
(No Initials)-Southlark Rats-Leicester, UK
SP-Sheree Preston-St. Pete, Florida, USA
SPAR-Sparticles Rattery-Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
SPAZ-Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats-Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada (closed rattery)
(No Initials)-Spirited Rain Rodentry-Union Bridge, Maryland, USA
SPO-Spoiled Rattus Rattery-Hatboro,
Pennsylvania, USA  (no longer breeding)
SPOT-Sun Spot Rattery-Tallahassee, Florida, USA
SPSP-Splash and Spots Rattery-Corbin, Kentucky, USA
SPR-Spiralrat Rattery-Bremerton, Washington, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Spunkyrats Rattery-Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
SQ-Squeakers-Oslo, Norway
SQC-Squeak City-Becker, Minnesota, USA
SR-Sunshine Rattery-Tustin, California, USA
(No Initials)-S-rats-North East of England, UK
SRAR-Social Rats Adoption and Rescue-Chicago, 
Illinois, USA
SRCO-Shull Rattery-Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
SRR-Spoiled Ratten Rattery-Kansas City, Missouri, USA (formerly known as SR)
SRRR-Star Rats Rattery-Boston,
Massachusetts, USA
SRSR-Super Rat Society Rattery-Bakersfield, California, USA
SSCR-Snowfyre Strange Creations Rattery-Hermiston, Oregon, USA (pet and feeder, fka Dusty Devils Rattery)
SSP-Stevens Silly Paws Rattery
SSPR-StrikingSouthPawRats-Sioux City, Iowa, USA
SSR-September Skies Rattery-Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (no longer breeding)
SSR-Silver Starr Rodentry
SSRR-Sugar Sweet Rattery & Rescue-Rossville, Georgia, USA
(No Initials)-S & T Rattery-Hillsdale, Michigan, USA
Star-Star Rattery-Blue Springs, Missouri, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Kelle Steward-Mission Viejo, California, USA
(No Initials)-Stoney Cottage Rats-Poway, California, USA (has used SCR in the past, no longer breeding)
ST72-Raani's Rats-Fort Worth, Texas, USA
STLR-StrickLee Rats-Huntsville, Alabama, USA
STR-StellaRat Rattery-Upstate New York, USA (no longer breeding)
STWR-Sweet Whispers Rattery-Pottsville,
Pennsylvania, USA
(No Initials)-Summer Rain Rodentry
(No Initials)-SummersTails-Georgia, USA
(no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Suncritters-Denmark
SUN-Sunrise Mice-Folcroft, Pennsylvania, USA
SUN-Sunrise Rattery-Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (now breeding as
DINK-Shinkelydinks Sunrise Rats)
(No Initials)-Sunnyside Rattery-UK
SUNS-Shining Suns Rattery-Woodhaven, Michigan, USA (formerly MOON-Wolf Moon Rattery and Rescue)
(No Initials)-The Super Ratties-Texas, USA
SV-Sweet Vermin Rattery-Illinois, USA
SVE-Sage Valley Exotics Rattery and Rabbitry-Greeley, Colorado, USA (has also used SV)
SW-Small Wonders
SW-Squeekumz Wiskrz Rattery-Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
(No Initials)-SweetGrass Rattery-South Carolina, USA
(No Initials)-Sweet Pea Rattery-Huntington Beach/North Hollywood, California, USA (no longer breeding)
SWET-Sweet Things Rattery-Rochester, New Hampshire, USA (also Lebanon, Maine, pet and feeder)
SWM-Squeeky Wheel Murina-St. Louis/Metro East, Illinois, USA (no longer breeding)
SWR-Swamp Rat Rattery-Eugene, Oregon, USA (formerly located in Karnak, Illinois and Marengo, Wisconsin, no longer breeding)


TA-Taliesin Rattery-Newton, Massachusetts, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Intials)-Tall Tree Exotics-Snohomish, Washington, USA
TAM-Twice As Mice Mousery-Westborough, Massachusetts, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Tango River Rattery-Okeechobee, Florida, USA (no longer breeding)
TaPD-Trust and PixieDust Rattery-Brazil,
Indiana, USA
(No Initials)-Tara Sturgeon
(No Initials)-TazManie-Prague, Czech Republic
TBM-TerBriaMon Rattery-Olympia, Washington, USA
tBBR-The Breakfast Bunch Rattery-Renton, Washington, USA
TBR-Thistle Brook Rattery-Denton, Texas, USA
TBW-Tumbleweed Rattery-Reno, Nevada, USA
TCCR-The Chew Crew Rattery-Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA (aka CCR, no longer breeding)
TCR-TenCents Rodentry-Minnesota, USA
TCR-The Chen Rodentry-Lancashire, UK
TCRR-Tri-Cities Rattery & Rescue-Pasco, Washington, USA
TD-Turnbaugh Design Mousery-Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
TEK-Tekka Maki Rodentry-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (formerly of Jacksonville, FL and Chicago, IL)
(no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Templeton Rattery-Yorkshire, UK
(No Initials)-Tenaran Rats-Cardiff, UK
(No Initials)-Tennyson Stud-Lincoln, UK
(No Initials)-Teresa's Rats-Illinois, USA
(No Initials)-Tethys Rattery-Somerset, UK (no longer breeding)
TGR-The Groomed Rattery-Richfield, Utah, USA
(No Initials)-Thornvalley Stud-Norfolk, UK
THR-The House of Rats-California, USA
THSL-Thistle Rattery-Aurora, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
TIGR-Tiger Tail Rattery-Auburn, Alabama, USA
TITR-Tic Tac Rattery-Herriman, Utah, USA
(No Initials)-Tiara-San Diego, California, USA
(No Initials)-Tickles Rattery-Trevorton, Pennsylvania, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Tidal Wave Rattery-Oakland, California, USA
TKR-Thomas Kennels Rattery-Oroville, California, USA
(No Initials)-TLC Pets-Western Australia
TMCC-T&M Curious Critters,
Lafayette, Indiana, USA
TMLS-Timeless Tails-Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
TMR-The Millenium Rats-Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
TNB-TNB Rattery-Pennsylvania, USA
TO-Tsuki Odori Rats-North, Florida, USA
(no longer breeding)
TOPI-Topi Rats- Portland, Oregon, USA
TORR-Typh and the Oh Rats Rodentry-Rindge, New Hampshire, USA
TPR-Tiny Paws Rattery-Portland, Oregon, USA (no longer breeding)
TR-Tarot Rats and Mice-Quartz Hill, California, USA
TR-Tweekers Rattery-Milford, Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
TR-Twlight's Rattery-West Vally City, Utah, USA
(No Initials)-Trinovantum-UK
(No Initials)-Tripp Tails Rattery-Santa Clarita, California, USA
TRCR-The Rat Cave-Glenview, Illinois, USA
TRI-Trinity Rats-Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
TRKL-Trihkal Rattery-
Kelowna, BC, Canada
TRM-The Rats Meow-Denver, Colorado, USA
TRN-The Rats Nest-Saskatchewan, Canada
TROR-The Rare Ones Rodentry-Alexandria, Virginia, USA (no longer breeding)
TRP-The Rat Patrol-Kalispell, Montana, USA
TRPT-The Rat Pack Too-Tucson, Arizona, USA
TRR-Trenier Rattery-Valparaiso, Indiana, USA
TRR-The Rodent Ranch-Sydney, Australia
TRS-Tails Rat Mouse Sanctuary-Hamilton, New Jersey, USA
TS-Tina Shahroody-Lafayette, California, USA (now breeding as CAF-Critters & Friends)
TSR-Tailspinz Rattery-St. Louis, Missouri, USA (no longer breeding)
TSLR- TN Starlight Rattery-Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
TSSR-The Sparkle Sparkle Rattery-Inner Sydney, NSW, Australia
(No Initials)-Tsuki Odori Rattery-Orange Park, Florida, USA
TT-Tiny Tails-Cleveland, Ohio, USA
TTR-Tiny Toes Rattery-Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
TTRM-Tiny Toes Rats & Mice-Fontana, California, USA (has also used HAR)
TUB-Tangle Up In Blue's Rattery-Rochester, New York, USA
(No Initials)-Turboråttan's Rattery-Sweden
(No Initials)-Twinkle Valley-El Cajon, California, USA
TWR-Twitchy Wiskers Rattery-Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
TWR- Tails & Whickers Rattery-Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
TWSR-Westside Rattery-columbus, Ohio, USA
TYR-Tina Young's Rattery-Carlisle, Ohio, USA
TZR-Tarpon Z Rattery-South Florida, USA
(no longer breeding)

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UAAR-Un Autre Amour Rattery-Atlamonte Springs, Florida, USA (now breeding as Another Love Rattery, ALR2)
(No Initials)-Uber Rat Rattery-Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
UCR-UnCattery Rattery-Quail Valley, California, USA (previously Crazy Rat Rattery)
UCVR-Under Cover Rats-Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA (formerly CAR-Cheesy Acres Rattery)
UgC-Underground Critters-Columbus, Ohio, USA (pet and feeder)
UM-Unique Mousery-Bristol, Vermont, USA
UMR-Unsound Mind Rattery-Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
UNIV-Rodent University- Kirkland, Washington, USA
UQCR-Unique Charm Rattery-Poway, Caliornia, USA


VA-Verna Arrudo-Bullhead City, Arizona, USA
VAL-Valhalla Rats-Cambridge, England, UK
(No Initials)-Velveteen Rattery-UK
(No Initials)-Rattery Viola-Belgium
VD-Vickie Dawson-South Carolina, USA
(No Initials)-Vicinalis-UK
(No Initials)-Voodoo Rats-Columbia, Maryland, USA
VLVT-Crushed Velvet Rattery-
Kelowna, BC, Canada
VP-Very Popular-(location given as Denver, Colorado, USA, however, this rattery is fictitious)
VR-Valerie's Rats-Rochester, New York, USA
VR05-Victoria's Rattery-Seville, Ohio, USA (no longer breeding)
VRMN-Viking Rat and Mouse Nest-Palm Springs, California, USA (aka VMR, formerly DRP-Dancing Rodents Parade, Moon Mice)


WB-Wild Bunch-California, USA
WC-Wisdom Cliffs Rattery-Midhurst, Ontario, Canada
WCR-Witch City Rattery-Salem, Massachusetts, USA
WCRR-White Cloud Rattery-Prescott, Arizona, USA
(No Initials)-Wee Ones Wattery-Pineville, Louisiana, USA
(No Initials)-Wenonah Rats-New Jersey, USA
(No Initials)-West Virginia Ratties-south central West Virginia, USA (no longer breeding)
WF-Warm Fuzzies Rattery-Mineral Wells, Texas, USA (also known as WFR)
WFR-Winter Forest Rattery-Flint, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
WFRR-WooferRat Rattery-Poulsbo, Washington, USA
(No Initials)-Wheatacre-Norfolk, UK
WHIM-Whimsical Whiskers Rattery-Stanfield, Oregon, USA
WHM-Windy Hill Mousery-Elsberry, Missouri, USA
WHR- Windy Hill Rattery-Elsberry, Missouri, USA
(No Initials)-Whiskers Rattery-Lindenwold, New Jersey, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Whiskery Kisses Rattery-Newcastle, NSW, Australia
(No Initials)-The Whole Rat Rattery-Fort Jones, California, USA
WILD-Wildfires Rodentry-McMinnville, Oregon, USA
(No Initials)-Willow Rattery-VIC, Australia
(No Initials)-Wilson-Jordan Genetics-New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA (has used W/J.G.)
(No Initials)-Winkys Rats-Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
WIR-Whisker Island-
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
WISH-Pearls Wish Rattery-Milton, New Hampshire (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Wispy Wiskers Rattery-Hollister, Missouri, USA
WKR-Whisker Kiss'in-Middletown, Connecticut, USA
WLFR-Wolf Ridge Rattery-Ishpeming, Michigan, USA
WMR-Willow Moon Rattery-Louisville, Colorado, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Worthing Ratz-Worthing, West Sussex, UK
WR-Whole Rat Rattery-Austin, Texas, USA
WRR-Wonderful Rodents Rattery-Midvale, Utah, USA
WSR-Wisper's Star Rattery-Bitely, Michigan, USA
WWR-Whispering Wise Rattery-Courtenay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
WWRY-Whispering Whiskers Rattery-Naples, Florida, USA
WZKR-Wizkerz Rodentry-Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (pet and feeder, no longer breeding)



YFR–Yellow Flower Rattery-Hackettstown, New Jersey, USA (no longer breeding)
YMH-Yukon's Mouse House-El Cajon, California, USA (no longer breeding)
YOTR-Year of the Rat-Bound Brook, New Jersey, USA (no longer breeding)
YTR-Yggdrasil Tree Rodentry-Spring Valley, Wisconsin, USA (no longer breeding)
YTXR-The Yellow Rose Rattery-Abilene, Texas, USA


ZAR-Zania Rattery-Reseda, California, USA (fka AMR-Amethyst Mountain Rats, also uses ZanR, no longer breeding)
ZBR-Ziggabella Rattery-District of Columbia area, West Virginia, USA (no longer breeding)
ZEN-Zen-Rats-Ishoej, Denmark
(No Initials)-Zephyr Rats-Cambridgeshire, UK
(No Initials)-Ziprats Tamråttor-Sweden
ZNM-Zebnme Rattery-Durham, Maine, USA (no longer breeding)
(No Initials)-Rattery Zonien-Brabant, Belgium
ZR-Zen Rattery-Toronto, Canada
ZRR-Zephyr Rattery-Bay City, Michigan, USA (no longer breeding)
ZSN-Za Shan Nezumi Rattery-Ramona, California, USA (aka ZSN Rattery)
ZT-Zoo Tribe Rattery-Longwood, Florida, USA

0 (Zero)


13MR-13 Moons Rattery-Forest Grove, Oregon, USA


2CR-Too Cute Rattery-Austin, Texas, USA
28-The 28th Rat- Tamwoth, NSW, Austral


3GR-3 Girls Rattery-Mercer Island, Washington, USA
3R-Rivney Ranch Rats-Lone Mountain; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


4CR-4 O'clock Rattery-Boone, North Carolina, USA



6H-Rodentry of Sixth Happiness-Dupage / West Chicago Suburbs, Illinois, USA (formerly known as MY-Myomorpha)




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Typically, ratteries operating within North America will have an initial prefix where, typically, ratteries operating outside of North America will not. This is not a complete listing of all ratteries, so if you have one to add, send an email to the webmaster with your rattery name, prefix and location.

Important information for applicants-the Ratster is no longer accepting applications for rodentries with duplicate prefixes and/or rodentry names. A rodentry's prefix identifies that rodentry as the breeder of a particular rat or mouse. Using another rodentry's prefix or name for your own looks deceptive and confuses people who see the pedigree. They don't know who to contact for questions or information about animals in the pedigree. Besides, it just isn't good etiquette. There are plenty of names and prefixes left available, so choose one that is unique. The standard is four digits or less, in case you were wondering. Once you have chosen your name and prefix, protect it by registering with your club or the NARR. . .or both.


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